What is involved in volunteering for Project Hard Hat?

Most of our volunteers visit their assigned bars or clubs on a weekly basis filling the hard hat dispensers with condoms. Most volunteers have three or four stops on their routes, some have more due to the shortage of volunteer help. Condom deliveries take about an hour to complete.

Project Hard Hat also conducts monthly fund raising events of which there are two types. The first is our active fundraising where we set-up in front of a bar and request a small donation from patrons and conduct various raffles. All donations to Project Hard Hat are tax deductible. The second type of fund raising is passive where we are supported by other groups.
At the fundraisers sponsored by other groups, we simply show up to lend support to them for the amazing work they do in raising money to support our community.

Additionally, we are also involved in community events in the Phoenix Area such as Savor Life and Phoenix Pride in the spring, Phoenix AIDS Walk and Rainbows Festival in the fall and Rodeo in the winter.

How you choose to volunteer is strictly up to you. You may choose to deliver condoms and nothing else. You may choose not to deliver condoms but to support the group at fundraisers. You may choose to make a tax-deductible donation. We will gratefully accept your support in any way you choose to give it. If you have questions please contact us.